When you think about your personal story and why you do what you do and why you do it the way you do it, it is inevitable that you will rethink your business and your brand.

Conversely, it is highly possible that your business will dictate what you put in your book (at least some of it). Nonetheless, you could still feel drawn to make a few tweaks in your existing business.

This is where I come in, and we usually spend a good few sessions of my Birth Your Book programme designing your life, business and schedules within them so that you have time to write and feel good about it. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re ‘squeezing’ your writing and your book into your life and business, when it should actually form such a big part of your day on a regular basis and is likely to be the heart of your business for years to come.

If you need more help with your business, however, I can also offer 3-month packages or Deep-dive Days (see below) to help you with specific areas such as your pricing and packages, your niche, your signature system or your branding.

How can I help you?

  • I am the queen of organisation, from designing your calendar so it suits your lifestyle, to creating space in your day for self-care and writing, to setting strong boundaries around your writing, your life and your business.
  • I am currently training to be a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach and can already help you with business coaching for great outcomes in whatever area you need change in, with money mindset, with pricing and packages, and with Branding with Archetypes®. I can also help you with your niche and your signature system, but will soon be even more qualified to support you as you transform your business into the magical and authentic brand that you are currently dreaming of but don’t quite feel deserving of.
  • I am a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach and can help you with all aspects of money mindset and blocks you may have around money and financial freedom. The Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz is the first thing you can do to find out more about your money DNA (see below).

Crack your money code with the Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz

I have something truly special for you to do if you are willing. If you are curious. If you think there is something about Sacred Money Archetypes® that appeals to you (even if you don’t quite know why yet).

Maybe you’ve watched my lives about the Sacred Money Archetypes® on my Facebook page.

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about them here and there.

Maybe you’ve read my posts on my page where I apply all this knowledge to other areas of my life – my emotions, my husband, my daughters, my friends, my colleagues, my clients, my writing.

However and whenever you have heard of them, you feel that you are now ready to take the plunge and find out a whole lot more about Sacred Money Archetypes and… yourself.

Because ‘the way you do money is the way you do everything’ (as Kendall Summerhawk, creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes Coach Certification programme, says), you are going to learn SO much about yourself and your peers – not just about money.

Are you ready?!

Instructions before you take the quiz

The SMA quiz is a series of thought-provoking questions about your habits, behaviours and thoughts relating to money (but remember, the way we do money is the way we do everything, so all the findings from this assessment will apply to SO MUCH MORE than just money ?).

Consider each question from a ‘whole life’ perspective, i.e. if a statement has at one time been strongly relevant but is no longer, please still mark it on the higher side of agree.

Also, answer each question from a place of truth – not hope, wish or ‘would like’.

On the last page, you will be given your results, from your highest score to your lowest, for all 8 archetypes. What is important is your top 3 archetypes. There may be a tie. If you join my FREE Facebook group (Feel the Freedom) here, I can help you – create a post about those top 4 or 5 archetypes and I will help you determine which come first, second and third.

Allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the quiz (remember, don’t overthink it!) and another 2 minutes to join my Facebook group and post your scores.

You will receive an email with your scores, however, just in case this doesn’t work, please take a screenshot of your results before you join the Facebook group.

I can’t wait to welcome you in the group so you can start living your life and leading your business from your archetypes, unashamedly, proudly and confidently.

Take the quiz here

Sacred Money Archetypes® private Deep-dive Day

private Deep-dive Day is 5 hours of pure goodness and juiciness, to explore all the ways you can tone down your challenges and enhance your gifts and strengths and really live by them, in your life and business (and writing).

I take you through 4 or 5 deeply transformational exercises and visualisations that enable you to know yourself, your blocks and your money ceiling and to blast through the latter two, with lots of actions to take in the following days, weeks and months.

I also support you as you explore and really understand your ‘money contracts’ and your ’empowering words’, as guidelines for living your life and working in your business in exactly the way you were born to.

Once you know and see all of this, you can’t unknow or unsee it and it becomes the way you live your life and drive your business.

Combining EFT with powerful coaching exercises, you will unlock the mystery of your money blocks (wherever and whenever they come from), rise above your emotional blocks, learn everything you need to know about your top 3 archetypes and maybe others that will support you, start unleashing your powers and embracing your sacred strengths, and learn how to tone down your challenges, so that you live your best life, know yourself better than ever, create healthy boundaries in your personal and business life, have the best relationships and have your best year in business ever!

I see it as the day you draw a line in the sand and a new you is born when it comes to money, your personal life and your business. 

There is then a follow-up 30-minute call a month later, to make sure you’re on track and to ask me anything.

  • £888
  • one-off upfront payment or two-part payment plan (both are non-refundable and must be paid in full before your session)
Book your SMA Deep-dive Day here

Spiritual teacher

The Deep-dive Day was an opportunity to receive more awareness around deep-seated hidden beliefs I hold not only around money but about myself, getting to understand how our archetypes play such a powerful role in our lives. 

Thanks to this 5-hour in-depth coaching day, I have realised that aligning with the correct coach (you!) can provide such a feeling of security and a chance to feel safe to explore some vulnerable aspects of myself and some of my beliefs. Having you reflect back to me what I am able to manifest and your belief in my potential to create what I desire was the most powerful part of that day. Five hours didn’t seem enough because I was enjoying it so much!

SMA Cards